The introductory prayer at the beginning of the divine service officiated by the Apostle Leno in the City of Ai
6 August 2020

This Sunday 02/08/2020 a model Divine Service was celebrated with the celebration of the Holy Communion as an example for all the communities of Guinea. The Divine Service took place in the Central Community of Conakry, Cité de l'Air, led by the leader of the District of Western Guinea, Apostle Leno Saa Marc, accompanied by District Elder Sonomy Justin and District Evangelist Millimouno Tamba Sosso while ensuring that the barrier measures were respected.

The Apostle Leno read to us the word of Acts 5:42 '' And every day in the temple and in the houses they kept on teaching and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ''.

Apostle Leno: Dear brothers and sisters, I am thankful to God that you are still standing firm in this difficult time of covid19. In the early Church the Apostles and disciples faced persecution for the cause of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ but despite all these difficulties they continued to teach and proclaim what they saw and heard from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Even today in our time we continue to suffer like the early Church, discrimination, persecution, mockery, sabotage, because we are Christians. All the Apostles were executed in this persecution with the exception of the Apostle John who died naturally. Even today covid-19 has become a real obstacle that we can overcome with the help of our Lord.

To continue the preaching, District Evangelist Millimouno adds that the persecution against the Apostles began after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and Pentecost. Many situations had changed negatively for Christians in general and for the Apostles in particular. The Lord Jesus Christ had warned us about the things we are now experiencing and will experience as Christians, He said that it will not be easy to follow Him as we can see in recent times throughout the world.

It was up to the Apostle Leno to close the divine service with prayer after the taking of the Lord's Supper. He explained the procedure to be followed and urged each member of the church to persevere in teaching and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ from house to house despite the obstacles. To watch out for the respect of barrier gestures in order to avoid covid-19. Amen!