The Apostle during the divine service
29 July 2020

On Sunday, July 26, Apostle Goddey Odili conducted the last live stream divine service for the month of July in our Abuja Central Church, which was transmitted throughout the Working area of District Apostle Michael Ehrich in West Africa.

He used a text word from Matthew 24:44, “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”
In his elaboration the Apostle expressed his greetings of love to the physical and connected congregation and appreciated God for keeping us alive to witness another divine service despite the situations of life. He admonished the congregation not to allow the current happenings and conditions of life to take away the Joy of the Lord from their hearts.

A strong faith
To prepare for the return of Christ we must be strong in faith, for without faith it is impossible to please God. In order to get more strength to wait, we have to renew our spiritual energy by attending the divine services where we receive grace from God. We cannot prevail by our own strength so we need the grace of God to overcome.

God’s plan of salvation

God does not work with the plan of man, rather, He works with His own plan.
We need to follow the salvation plan of God. The road to salvation may be rough but God will see us through according to His plan and purpose. We must remain in the race of faith because Jesus Christ is coming soon. Everlasting fellowship awaits those who Jesus Christ will meet in faith when He returns.

Remain in fellowship

To belong to the everlasting fellowship that awaits us, we must remain in the fellowship of the children of God here on earth and allow God to sanctify us. We should be strong in faith and our love must not diminish. We must be sanctified through the word of God and the activities of the Holy Spirit and also avoid sin.

Jesus Christ is our model

While waiting for the return of Christ we must strive to be like Jesus Christ. In our words, actions, thoughts and disposition we must portray godly virtues as evidence that we are children of God. We should be known by our good fruits and conducts and allow Jesus to meet us in a good state when He returns.

Do not lose hope in waiting for Christ

What condition will Jesus Christ meet us if He returns today?  Will He find faith in us? We need to think of the outcome of our decisions and the mind of God towards our decisions. Let us be focused and not lose hope of Our Lord’s return; He will come! Let us rebuke Satan and the evil thoughts planted in our minds; let us look unto Jesus Christ. He will guide, teach and comfort us through the Holy Spirit Whom He Has given to us.
Concluding his sermon, Apostle Odili said we should not allow earthly pressures to take us away from the way of the Lord; we should remain with the Lord, so that when He returns we will not be found wanting.
The Apostle was assisted by District Elder Madubuike Alex of Abuja district in the North Working Area of Nigeria.