18 August 2023

A plate creates friendships, two dolls explain God … There are various ways for people get to know each other. And sometimes they are even unusual. Over the past few weeks, there were various get-to know-you activities in the environs of the New Apostolic Church.

Young people from Romania and the Republic of Moldova had an opportunity to get to know each other, their District Apostle, and their faith during their Day of the Youth (DOTY) in June. The motto of the DOTY in Sighișoara, Romania, was “We need God”. Many young people from the two countries were present, as well as the responsible District Apostle Jürg Zbinden and Apostle Vasile Cone. One way the young people got to know each other better was through sports and games and some friendly competitions, and they learned more about their District Apostle in a question and answer session.

In workshops on the subjects of “Is faith still relevant in today’s world?” and “Why be New Apostolic?” the young people learned more about their faith. On Saturday evening the young people spoke about their faith and shared experiences. On Sunday morning then District Apostle Zbinden conducted a divine service for them which was transmitted to many congregations in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

A plate for a buddy

“Skep vir my ook” is an Afrikaans idiom and means you bring a plate for yourself and a buddy, and then sit around the table and share your food. This is what the young people of Uitsig congregation in South Africa did a few weeks ago to get to know the confirmands better and to strengthen the relationship among themselves. The young people had invited the confirmands to a Sunday lunch and brought food not only for themselves, but also for one other person. While they ate they got to know each other and the relationship between the youth and the new confirmands was strengthened

Exchange of experience between generations

The young people and the seniors from the congregation of Sangerhausen, Germany, came together recently to benefit from each other’s skills. It was on a Saturday afternoon at the end of July that the young people invited the elderly members of the congregation for ice cream, cake, tea, and coffee. Afterwards, the young people offered their expertise to help the seniors with smartphone problems of all kinds. In the conversations that developed, the older members did not only learn something new about technology from the younger ones, but the younger ones also learned from the experiences of the older generation. They also sang all their favourite songs.

Two dolls explain God

“Hello, we are Rebecca and Juan, have a blessed service.” This is how children were welcomed to a special divine service in our church in Constitución, Argentina. Around sixty children and their teachers and parents from the congregations of Parque Chacabuco, Villa Lugano, Parque Patricios, Palermo, Boedo, Boca, and Constitución had gathered for a children’s service in a congregation in Buenos Aires. Bishop Leonardo Berardo conducted the service with the Bible text from Luke 12: 27: “Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” At the end of the service, a youth choir sang especially for their young brothers and sisters.

Getting acquainted with the violin

The members of the Liberté V congregation in Senegal met for their first violin lesson on 16 July. People of all ages, from Sunday School to experienced choristers, were invited to become more familiar with the popular instrument. The idea behind this event was to help members develop their musical skills, explore new artistic horizons, and strengthen their talents within the congregation and thereby contribute to the solemnity of the divine services. Especially younger sisters and brothers were to be encouraged to develop their musical skills and also inspire them to join in the choir’s activities. A concert has been scheduled for the Thanksgiving Day Service on 1 October, at which the choir and instrumentalists will present what they have learned.