2 September 2023

A month ago, a concert took place in our central church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The motto was “Nuestros himnos” (our hymns) and the composers were all from the New Apostolic Church South America.

“Señor déjame ser un niño” (Lord, let me be a child) is how the choir begins after a prelude by the strings. The composer is Carlos De Bernardi, a member of the Regional Church, who died in December 2005. His work was rearranged by Diego Licciardi, who also conducted the piece at the concert.

At the concert on 2 July, the choir, children’s choir, and orchestra tried to reach the hearts of their brothers and sisters with songs from the repertoire of the Regional Church South America. The text of this song, here a free translation, was a true heart opener: “Lord, let me be an obedient child that gladly holds on to Your hand so that I can walk without fear. Lord, let me be a child in faith and in prayer. Protect me with Your grace and shield me with Your love.”