A group picture of the National Heads of Seminars from West Africa
28 November 2021

The National Heads of Seminars (NHS) in West Africa took advantage of the improving situation of Covid-19 in West Africa to assemble in Accra, from 19th to 20th November, 2021, for a seminar. This came off under the tutorship of District Elders Oehler (retired) and Dinkelacker, the Seminar Supervision Team from Germany.

The participants were; Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo (Ghana), Apostles Saffa (Sierra Leone), Wreh (Liberia), Yedenou (Benin), Amevoh (Togo), Leno (Guinea) and Chi (Cameroun);  District Elders Kpegasin (Nigeria), Bidjan (Cameroon) and Bouo (Cote d’Ivoire). Bishops Asare (the chief motivator) and Ampadu (retired) also attended from Ghana.

As a precautionary step, every participant was re-tested for Covid 19 at the meeting hall, despite their clearance at the airport. Fortunately, no one tested positive.

The seminar proceeded immediately with the introduction of each participant. An agenda and a video message of encouragement from the District Apostle, Michael Ehrich was played to the admiration of all.

Some topics treated for the 2 days included;
* Status on Sunday School/Confirmation Class in various countries
This also included discussions on seminar status, planning and controlling, and quick reports for completed seminars
* The new, more effective seminar format for Beginners/Masters, Sisters and Leading ministers was introduced.
* Liturgy clarification and others were also discussed.
* The 2022 Lump Sum for the country in the sub region was also discussed.
Currency depreciation and inflation rates, respective to the countries would be taken into consideration to arrive at an appropriate figure. This brought some smiles and satisfaction on the faces of the participants
* Seminars for sisters (welfare seminars)
Why? It was recommended that Wives of ministers especially Rectors’ wives, may point out some fallout to their husbands concerning some church activities at the altar, the public, etc. Therefore Basics 1-3 were recommended as manuals to be used. It was recommended that no additional funds for food and transport would be required from the church for the programme. The (host) congregation, for the seminars, can support by providing snacks. Sunday afternoons, and a maximum of 2 hours, were recommended for this seminar.
* Implementation of doctrinal developments in awareness of sermons and actions
Example: Designation and calling to ministry.
* Divine Service Guide Special Edition 2020 -
Information received from our Chief Apostle and the District Apostle, and its subsequent dissemination, should have cascading effect on all ministers and members.

The second day took the participants to selected topics in Confirmation Teachers, Basic 3 and Minister 1. Role plays were organised in most of the lectures.

The participants were all satisfied and promised to disseminate the information received to their various countries. This gladdened the hearts of the Seminar Supervision Team from Germany.