The history of the New Apostolic Church in Liberia

Origin in Monrovia

George Larbi introduces in Monrovia 1976 the New Apostolic Church to some Ghanaian residents. Apostle Gotfried Schwarzer from Canada conducts the first divine service in Monrovia with holy baptism and ordination of Evangelist Larbi, and two Priests and two Deacons on October 15, 1977.

Origin in Buchanan

Colonel Richard Kardor meets the NAC in Canada. He is deeply impressed by the mission of the living Apostles and their task to prepare the bride of Christ. He returns 1977 to Buchanan. Apostle Schwarzer visits Buchanan on May 19, 1979. He baptizes and seals 29 souls and ordains Priest Vonyon, Priest Vondeh and a Deacon.

Official Registration

In 1998 the New Apostolic Church in Liberia is officially registered.

Responsibilities change

In July 1995, Chief Apostle Fehr commissions District Apostle Karl Kühnle as newly responsible for the Church in Liberia.

Apostle Werner Kühnle becomes Lead Apostle

In 1995, Apostle Werner Kühnle takes over responsibility for Liberia assisted by Bishop Bernd Dittus.

Choirs are founded

In many congregations the members found a church choir to beautify the divine services.


The church offers seminars for newly ordained ministers, teachers for Sunday school and choir masters. Bishop Sesay from Sierra Leone assists in the seminars.

District Apostle Saur responsible for Liberia

In December 1996 District Apostle Karl Kühnle is set in retirement by Chief Apostle Richard Fehr after serving more than 20 years as District Apostle. District Apostle Klaus Saur is commissioned to serve in the regional church of South Germany. Thus he gains responsibility for the church in Liberia.

New responsible Elder

Robinson Saidu moved 1997 from Sierra Leone to Monrovia as new responsible District Elder and Administrator. The church has 24 congregations, two solid church buildings and about 1.000 members.

New congregations are established

Solid church buildings are constructed with the help of the local members and the support from the Church in South Germany.

Civil wars in Liberia

Two terrible civil wars between 1989 and 2003 cause much suffering to all citizen as well as our members. Many flee to the neighbour countries. Nevertheless they remain strong in faith and establish even there new congregations.


Many refugees return to their home country. Our humanitarian organization “NAC Mission Aid” (today: "human aktiv") helps with seeds and rice but also in building health care stations in cooperation with other humanitarian organizations in order to alleviate the suffering of the people.

The first Apostle for Liberia

In January 2001, Robinson Saidu is ordained as Apostle for Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Sickness of Apostle Kühnle

In January 2006 Apostle Werner Kühnle, who worked since 1985 intensively in West Africa, unfortunately falls sick and cannot visit the country anymore.

New District Apostle for South Germany

After 45 years in the ministry, among them 25 years as a District Apostle, District Apostle Klaus Saur is set in retirement by Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber in 2006. His successor, the newly ordained District Apostle Michael Ehrich, takes over responsibility also for Sierra Leone as District Apostle.

New Leading Apostle

In December 2007 due to his serious illness Apostle Werner Kühnle is put into early retirement by Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. Apostle Hans-Peter Schneider, and after one year later Apostle Hans-Jürgen Bauer follows him. He is commissioned by District Apostle Michael Ehrich to serve in future also as Lead Apostle in Liberia.

Growth of the Church

Our Church in Liberia has now about 9.500 members and 250 ministers in 100 congregations. Many of them have church buildings.

Education of our children

The church focussed on the spiritual education of our children and youth. Many brothers and sisters were educated as Sunday School Teachers and Youth Leaders.

Humanitarian projects

The "NAC Mission Aid" (today: "human aktiv") together with the Jörg Wolff Foundation constructs various buildings for the church schools and wells with fresh water. They also provide food and material for the suffering ones in the orphanages and amputee camps.

Retirement Apostle Saidu and new Apostle for Liberia

Due to old age, Apostle Saidu was retired in May 2014 in a divine service in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Bishop Alexander Wreh was ordained as Apostle to care for Liberia.