Ministers are pleased
4 August 2020

This Sunday, June 28, 2020, after the dominical service, the day was dedicated to the juvenile activities within the New Apostolic Church of Kissidougou marking the joy of the reopening of the Churches. Nearly sixty young people were present at the long-awaited rendezvous. Initiated by its District Leader Ed Camara Joseph who entrusted the whole process to his Shepherd Komano Marcellin, Assistant Leader.

It all began at 12:30 pm with a very impressive teaching. The theme was chapter 12 of our Catechism of the New Apostolic Church (CENA), namely ''Divine Service, Blessing and Youth Ministry''. This theme was discussed by Shepherd Kamano Lambert Fassa, Rector of the congregation of Kissi-centre, from beginning to end, the priest touched on all the essential points. Shepherd Komano, consultant of the theme, had the role of deepening the understanding and enriching the content of the presentation.

To this end, the participants, in turn, asked many questions about the passages not understood and the answers were satisfactory at all levels. To make the ceremony more enjoyable, the District Evangelist awarded the catechism materials as rewards to the good respondents during the question and answer session.

As usual, this ceremony was crowned by a Divine Service celebrated by District Evangelist Camara. The basic words were taken from Psalms 73:23: "Yet I am with you always, you have taken my right hand"; the whole content of the District Evangelist's preaching helped to challenge the youth to always remain close to the Lord no matter what difficulties we go through in our earthly life.

At the end of the divine service, questions were asked on the theme of the day in order to verify the understanding on the level of the participants. The correct answers were encouraged by applause and the handing over of the books "Catechism of the New Apostolic Church Questions and Answers". The handing over is done by the deans of the Community who have accepted to accompany their children to the meeting. It was really bum and enthusiasm that marked this day in Kissidougou

NB. This area did not register any suspected or confirmed corona cases, so the activities was without bumming.