Apostle Garber and District Ministers at the alter
29 October 2019

Apostle Albert Garber and Nine District Rectors served at the New Apostolic Church, Manjama, Shellmingo, Bo Town, Southern Sierra Leone.

On the 22nd September, 2019 Manjama congregation welcomed Apostle Garber and nine District Rectors to the Sunday Divine Service. In the Vestry, he told the Host Rector and other Ministers that the Late District Rector Samuel Luseni would be laid to rest later in the day.  He added that his congregation (Manjama), was selected as meeting and takeoff point for Ministers, Choristers, brothers and sisters from New London, and Central Church to travel to Yomandu Town, Bo/ Baoma District for the funeral service.

It was a unique and blessed moment with the Apostle, his helpers and the brothers and sisters of Manjama congregation. Apostle Garber used a Bible Text from Luke 14:16-17 with the theme “Come for everything is ready”.  The parable of the great party denoted our invitation to fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many have received this invitation, but prioritized the worldly activities, and refused to attend. We want to be grateful to God for permitting the Holy Spirit to lead us to the living Alter of grace. ``Jesus is calling you and I, come! Here at His alter; forgiveness of sins, the word of God, and the sacrament, all are ready for you´´ the Apostle concluded. This is a unique and blessed moment for us brothers and sisters.