The National Heads of Seminars during the Zoom meeting
19 July 2022

Half-way through every year, the National Heads of Seminars (NHS) take a review of their year-to-date performance in every country. This year was no different and the event came off virtually, via Zoom, on 8th of July, 2022.  There were also some exciting updates; the Church is fully embracing the leverage of technology in its pastoral activities. Also, one West African Apostle, a recently ordained one, was introduced as having been appointed to a global position.

The meeting was led by District Elder Wolfgang Oehler (rtd) and assisted by his able lieutenant District Elder Dinkelacker. The participants included Apostles Saffa (Sierra Leone), Asare (Ghana), Kpegasin (Nigeria), Leno (Guinea), Yedenou (Benin), Amevoh (Togo), Apachinche (Cameroon Anglophone), Zran (Ivory Coast), Wreh (Liberia) The rest were District Rectors Bidjang (Cameroon Francophone), Danso Apeadu (Ghana), Martino, Salvador (Eq. Guinea) and Bishop Ampadu (rtd) Ghana.

District Elder Dinkelacker opened the meeting with a prayer. Apostle Asare from Ghana kicked start the discussion on the performance statistics, that had been gathered on planned and executed seminars in the sub-region.

Apostle Saffa continued the discussion on the status of Sunday School and Confirmation Class attendances as well as entries in the Record Book.

Status Sunday School and NHS Feedback
The Heads were allocated some minutes to tell their success stories (including problems and solutions) which they had prepared and submitted in advance.

Other matters discussed were:

·       Seminars Outlook End 2022

·       Planning process for next year: Apostle Kpegasin ably handled this session with a pre-prepared presentation pack distributed in advance to all participants

·       Preparation for Africa Conference and NHS Conference in November: this was handled by District Elder Oehler rtd.

·       Synopsis on new Guide for Ministers

New Sunday School All in one Teacher’s Book
Another interesting revelation was the New Sunday School book which will be in circulation in 2023.  Apostle Leno revealed that all the four books (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) will now be consolidated into one.

Mobile Sunday School/ECODIM (Intranet)
Another revelation made by Apostle Yedenou and District Elder Oehler was the Mobile Sunday School lessons for teachers that would be published on the NAC website. He added that any teacher can access the website and portals via any smartphone. Other new initiatives include the publishing of hymns and seminars. The Apostle concluded that an audio MP3 converter will soon be added to the website to enable portability for the 144 lessons on media devices.

Global Coordinator of Seminars (GCS)
To the excitement and approval of all gathered, and pride of District Elder Oehler especially having worked with him for some years, Apostle Kpegasin was introduced as the new Global Coordinator of Seminars.

At the end the meeting, the date for the next NHS meeting was scheduled for Friday, 9th - 11th December, 2022, to be held in Accra.