Lead Apostle Hans Jürgen Bauer welcomed by the Sunday school children
1 August 2023

Our Lead Apostle Hans Jürgen Bauer visited Liberia from the 16th of July to the 18th 2023.

He conducted a special meeting with all the District Ministers from across the Country on Monday July 17 at our Monrovia Central Church.. He strengthen the District Ministers and encouraged them to never give up in their tasks in preparing themselves and the souls entrusted into their care. He told the brothers to work hard in order to reactive inactive congregations across the Country and to make sure the Sunday school children and the Youths are educated with the basic knowledge of our faith.. The Lead Apostle thanked the brothers and appreciates them for their tireless efforts for their work in their respective districts. He was accompanied by the responsible Apostle Alexander Wreh.

On the 18th of July, he had the time at 11:00 AM  to have heart to heart talk with the District Ministers. He gave the time to the to share their life experiences. He shared a life experience with the brothers. Several of them also shared their life experiences as well. The time spent together with the brothers was considered a wonderful fellowship as they all had the opportunity to look each other in the heart in also sharing ideas. On the same day in the evening he he was welcomed by the Children choir and the Youth choirs. A sister of the Sunday School who is also member of the children choir gave him some Natural flowers and welcomed him wth joyful emotions. It was really a touching moment to see as she looks into the eyes of the Lead Apostle.

The Divine service started at 6:PM with a Bible Text from the book of St. John 14: 2.    "Let not your heart be troubled. He spoke to the Congregation about the difficult time across the World and told them that we as children of God should be thankful because we have a sure future. He reminded the Congregation about the returned of Jesus Christ. Called to served was Apostle Alexander Wreh. 300 brothers and sisters from the Monrovia area were in attendance.